Susan McGalla And Her Eleven Amazings Steps To Balance


Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pennsylvania. She has experience in marketing and management and has been a buyer for ladies clothing. This position prompted her promotion to the position of running the entire company. She grew up in Liverpool with two brothers and her father coached football. She attended Mount Union College where she earned a Bachelors Degree in business marketing. Susan McGalla sits on the board of advisors for the college. Her husband is Stephen McGalla whose specialty is wealth management.


Susan McGalla understands the difficulties in finding the balance between a work and a home life. She has found eleven steps to make it easier for other working mothers. When everything becomes too much to handle, these steps put all the chaos to rest.


The first step is make sure you have downtime every single week. Spend time enjoying your family, relaxing and enjoying life. Conquering the challenges at work requires relaxation at home.


The second step is to let go of any activities that drain you. Anything you are doing that is not accomplishing anything is wasting your time and energy.


The third step is about finding quiet time for yourself. Taking the time to pamper yourself on a routine basis is rewarding. A nice hot bath or a nap can make life a whole lot easier.

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The fourth step is about being physically active. When you workout, it gives you a sense of control and helps rejuvenate you. A gym membership or even a jog through the park will help give you the peace you need.


The fifth step revolves around all the small tasks that add up quickly. Try getting someone to help run your errands or ordering your groceries online for delivery. Anything you can do to cut down on all the trips you make that eat away at your time.


Step six lets you know nobody is perfect. Everyone has different types of flaws. By admitting that this is the truth, you can take a major load off of your shoulders.


Step seven is all about technology. Turning off any mobile devices you own will help prevent you from overworking. Computers and cellular phones add pressure and can make it seem as though you never leave work. Ignore them and relax.


Step eight is about meditation. Exercises involving deep breathing help alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Just a few minutes when you can or even before you retire for the night will make a difference.


Step nine is all about making your lifestyle as simple as possible. Look at what you do every day and find a way to streamline your life. Complicated lives make everything more difficult.


Step ten is about letting go of guilt. Especially guilt you do not spend enough time with your kids. This does not do anyone any good. Just be the best mom you can be, think positively and let the guilt go.

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The final step is eleven. Try to do as much as you are able at night to prevent mornings filled with chaos. From making lunches for your children to putting out their clothes, it can all be done the night before.

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The Story Behind Lime Crime

In 2008, Doe Deere opened an eBay account under the name Lime Crime and began selling colorful lipsticks to a small but loyal customer base. Deere’s desire was to create a lipstick line that featured unique and trendy shades that weren’t commonly found in retail stores. Moreover, she needed something that matched her homemade, color-popping outfits. Not long after developing her business, she realized she wasn’t alone.

Today, Lime Crime has over 2 million Instagram followers, while Deere has nearly 500,000 on her own. Her cosmetic enterprise has gone from a home based entrepreneurship to a Los Angeles-based internet cosmetic empire. Deere is seen as an innovative pioneer in the realm of makeup e-commerce, where she embraced a community of like-minded individuals. While it is not unheard of for companies to utilize social media to sell their product, Deere frequently speaks with followers and offers them a glimpse into her makeup and fashion choices.

Shortly before launching Lime Crime, Deere immigrated from Russia to New York. Originally, she set forth pursuing a career in music. Though she eventually took a different direction, she met her husband, who is now her business partner, during this time. As the company grew, it made the switch between the East and West coast, where it is now run out of a bustling office building in L.A.

Doe’s cosmetic line features a variety of lip and eye products, most popularly known for their vibrant colors or glittery shine. Deere says that she is always impressed to see what her fans, which she calls “Unicorns,” will do with the products. Unlike traditional makeup products, Lime Crime offers customers options that can be used to build a palette. Neon lipstick and vibrant foil eyeshadow are not just for covering up blemishes or accentuate your natural features. They are used by most as a vehicle for personal expression.

While Deere’s cosmetics are not for everyone, they are a refreshing choice for those seeking an exotic look or a mere pop of color. Lipsticks sell for about the same price as store-bought cosmetics of the same quality. More importantly, the products are guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan. For conscious customers looking for a convenient cosmetic shopping experience, Lime Crime is a no brainer. If you aren’t sure that you can pull off the looks, check out Doe Deere’s Instagram for inspiring, creator-tested looks. You will not be disappointed!

Helane Morrison, The Iconic Lady Spinning The Revolution Wheel In The Corporate Industry.

One of the women whose names are famous in the corporate industry is Helane Morrison. She has become an icon in this industry, and she has managed to rise the ranks to serve in major executive positions in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. She currently serves as the Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of the same firm. More so she serves on the Executive Committee of the firm as a member.


Halane Morrison is known for her efforts to clean the corporate industry and remove the bad seed of corruption from it. From the start of her career as a journalist, she focused on exposing corrupt and underhand dealings in the corporate industry. In all the organizations she has worked in, she has tried to help the organization uphold ethical standards and eliminate corruption.


From the journalism, Helane Morrison moved to law practice. She joined a San Francisco law firm known as Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986 where she worked from 1996. In 1991, she was promoted to a partner. In the law field, she majored her practice in business litigation and legalities in private securities actions. She also handled securities exchange and related issues. She also spends some of her time conducting investigations on internal corporate affairs about corruption. She has taken initiatives to ensure that instances of corruption in the corporate world are minimal, and those that take part in this activities are apprehended. Her efforts to have borne a lot of fruits as she has managed to expose lots of bad practices in the corporate industry. She has managed to restore public and investor confidence in most areas of the corporate world that she has worked in.


Between 1999 and 2007 Helane Morrison worked as the head of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as SEC in San Francisco. Before this, she was the Regional Director and District Administrator for the same firm. In this, she was responsible for the area covering Northern California and five Northwest States. Her duties included taking care of issues that involved securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters. Helane Morrison has also served as board member for various organizations. She is currently a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is also an expert speaker on compliance and legal issues that are vital to investment advisers and private funds in general.

Celebrating Susan McGalla as the Leading Corporate Business Woman

Susan McGalla’s advice on women’s success in the workplace

Considering that women deal with lower wages and unequal treatment in the workplace, it is no wonder that there is a lack of feminine presence at the executive level in the corporate world on With there being far more male executives then women executives, various measures have been taken to provide relief from the obstacles by both the government and nongovernmental organizations. Even with standing the current challenges in the corporate workplace, powerful women, like Susan McCalla, have emerged as powerful leaders under the umbrella of corporate firms while managing to branch off and executes independent business ventures.

Susan McGalla started her career by working at Joseph Horne Company. After eight years, she left to work for American Eagle Outfitters. Mustang into her worth at the principles and diligently working towards her goals, McGalla worked her way up to become the Pres. and CMO for American Eagle Outfitters’ flagship American Eagle brand. Later, Susan McGalla was promoted to position of the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer for the entire company. After achieving such an astounding accomplishment, McGala part ways with the corporation and founded a private consulting firm based in Pittsburgh that served the financial investments and retail industries. In January 2011, an aggressive offer from Wet Seal convinced her to walk away from thats business and become the CEO of the company. After a few years, McGalla left wet seal and founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and became a consulting expert.

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In addition to running her own successful business, Susan McGalla serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. While in that position, Susan McGalla has shown excessive competence and diligence in the retail and clothing sector. In fact, while working in her executive position, she managed to attract prestigious executives within the finance sector who employed McGallas’ Marketing talent to create profitable streams of income from product merchandising, branding and talent management.

Because of her persistence, versatility and diligence, McGalla has not only paved her path to the top of the executive ladder, she emerged as a respected force to be reckoned within the corporate world. High-level executives of Fortune 500 companies nationwide recognize her executive strength and seek her services continuously. These women are taking a stand and declaring their success by working through the obstacles and exposing their innate potential. In the case of McGalla, that hard work definitely pays off. Source:

Malini Saba: From East Asia To The Rest of The World Through Entrepreneurship

When at the age of 19, Malini Saba made her way to the US for the first time, she had modest expectations: to have a taste of the world beyond her hometown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The future, however, has turned too bright, she not only got to know about America but has set her foot on just about every corner of the globe and made investments as a mark that ‘she was there.’

Malini currently sits as the Chairman of her own Sabin and is one of the world’s top investors of South Asian origin. Saban maintains a mix of investment interests globally such as techie firms in the US, real estate in India and Australia and oil and gas in China. She was also recently appointed the CEO of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce.

Saba has never tested life of employment. For over 25 years since she set up home in San Francisco in the 1990’s, she has only run her own business. She has managed to invest in 22 different businesses across the globe.

In a recent Interview on IdeaMensch, Malini Saba attributes her achievements a risk-taking attitude always ‘taking the bull by its horns’. She looks at market trends and goes against the tides by doing the complete opposite. To her, its all about predicting where the world will be 3-5 years and strategically creating the right context for taking full advantage of the trends. She describes herself as a venture capitalist who uses Saban as a vehicle to retain varied investment interests worldwide.

Saba advises entrepreneurs to always trust their gut and believe in themselves. Her thinking, she says, has always been influenced by Steve Jobs. She admires the way he stood his ground even getting himself thrown out of his company and later getting back and making it greater than before. Challenges are imminent for entrepreneurs especially at the start-up stage, and this is what makes it important to turn all hurdles that come one’s way into success.

Success to Malini Saba is not just about accumulating wealth. She has also been involved in philanthropy, donating handsomely to humanitarian causes. She started a non-profit organization, “Stree: Global Investment in Women” in 2001. The organization is all about transforming the way low income, at-risk women, and children, see themselves and their roles in society. The organization was inaugurated by Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor.