Securus Technologies: Making Lasting Partnership

Securus Technologies is planning to venture into new industries. The company is one of the leading communications providers inside the prison and other related facilities. Through the years of operation, Securus Technologies managed to expand their business to include more than 3,500 correctional institutions in the United States and Canada, and they are currently serving more than one million inmates. They are providing them with services that allow the inmates to call outside the correctional facility, although every call is heavily monitored. However, it seems like Securus Technologies is going to expand their business to include other areas of industry, and they have already begun by acquiring GovPayNet earlier this year. The acquisition of GovPayNet made headlines all across the United States, prompting the question how Securus Technologies would want to manage their business and what other ventures they are planning to partake in.


GovPayNet is the leading payment platform in more than 26% of the counties across the United States. The platform is being used to pay for real estate taxes and property taxes, and it can also be used to pay for fines and bails. The platform accepts credit and debit payments, and it goes directly to the funds of the government. The platform is fast and efficient, which is why it gained more users since it was established by a brilliant sheriff in 1997.


Robert E. Pickens, Securus Technologies’ newest chief executive officer, who is also serving as the company’s president, is proud to say that with the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies will now be able to process more than 40 million payments annually. Robert E. Pickens also expressed his gratitude to all of the people who are showing their continued support for Securus Technologies. They promised their loyal customers that the company would deliver more improvements, and all they have to do is to wait and see.



Securus Technologies Connecting 2 Sides Of The Law

As business has grown over the past few decades, there is hardly anything one cannot find a market for. Not many people know that there are even companies competing to develop the best prison communication systems. One of these companies is called “Securus Technologies”. Although, frankly speaking Securus does not currently do a lot of competing as they are one of the largest market-share holders in this industry.


The company was developed in 1986, and they have grown to serve 45 states and over a million of inmates. They specialize in the area of detainee communication as well as helping officials with parole tracking. At more than one occasion Securus had a chance to work on some government projects.


Due to the nature of this industry, Securus’ products can help many police officers close investigations or open some new ones up. Ultimately, their creation might make a difference between life and death for those working to protect citizens. As such, one can find dozens of positive customer letters that Securus gets very often.


Some letters come in to offer many thanks for helping the law enforcement department allocate an inner flaw, such as a corrupt staff member. Others might be more related to a continuous high performance of the company, which has made it easy to operate a prison facility. Also, many Sheriff’s departments have been able to save money by utilizing the benefits of Securus’ communication devices, simply by pursuing illegal activities in an efficient manner.


Securus Technologies keeps facilitating a safer environment for every person in the nation. Their devices help keep criminals inside of prisons, and enable many government officials to track down those still on the run. With a running track-record containing hundreds of successful upgrades, Securus does not show any signs of slowing down or losing the market share they hold.

Intercepting Communications

Securus is a company that many prisons use so that inmates can make phone calls. The person who receives the phone call would need to set up an account with money added before calls are received. The company has been in business since 1986 with the main office in Texas. Securus has partnered with Harris Corporation in order to prevent cell phones from being used in prisons. The company wants to provide an outlet for inmates to be able to communicate with their family members in a legal and secure manner.


Customers who use Securus are grateful for the service that is offered. There have been numerous times when information retrieved from phone calls has led to an arrest of someone who has a warrant. All of the calls are monitored by the jail staff, which makes it easier to determine if there are possibilities of contraband being introduced into the facility in the future. Staff members are impressed with the technology that Securus offers.


The information that is received from calls has been used to investigate issues of harassment that are claimed by inmates and workers. There are calls that have been recorded with details about criminal cases that would otherwise go unnoticed if it weren’t for the technology that Securus offers. Overall, many customers believe that the company is one of the leading businesses in the prison industry.


Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay In Touch With Friends And Family

As one of the leading firms in the crime prevention, criminal justice, and public safety space, Securus Technologies has developed and provided some of the most technology, products, and services that have helped the inmates as well as the correctional agencies. The products and services offered by Securus Technologies have contributed to modernizing the incarceration experience, which works towards reducing the stress of the inmates and goes on to help with crime prevention.



Securus Technologies, because of its constant innovation and dedication towards providing better products and services and helping customers get what they are looking for, bagged the Gold Stevie Awards 2017 for the best customer service training team. It has helped the company to further the reputation and goodwill that the firm has been able to craft over the years. The Vice President of Securus Technologies, Danny De Hoyos, said to the press that winning the Stevie Awards has been a humbling experience for all at Securus because it not only recognizes the efforts of the company but also goes on to show the dedication and the commitment of the company towards its customers.


The world in prison is a very different one from the outside world, and the prisoners go through a tough time inside, staying away from the friends and families. However, the prison communication technology offered by the Securus Technologies helps in alleviating the stress and helps inmates and their families stay connected. Securus Technologies, winning the Gold Stevie Awards by beating over 2,300 other competitors from different sectors only goes on to show the excellence of the company in delivering unmatched customer service. The company has many plans for developing new and innovative products and services in the future, and winning this award, has only helped the firm and its workforce stay determined to its goal of staying ahead in this otherwise highly competitive space.




The Vitality of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that provides a high-end mode of communication services that connects inmates and family all across North America. Currently connecting over 3,400 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates, Securus offers the latest in voice and video communications capabilities.


Friends and families of inmates can feel secure that they can communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated through the latest means of technology, including the use of Apple or Android smartphones, tablets or PCs.


One feature that families have found to be most convenient is jail voicemail. Not everyone’s schedule is conducive to the schedule of the inmates, so family members and friends can leave a voicemail for an incarcerated loved one to share important events and news. The inmate can then call back at their convenience.


Another great feature that is very popular is the Securus Video Visitation application which allows families and inmates to speak to one another over a video hookup. If it is inconvenient to schedule an in-person visit, you can pre-schedule an online visit by setting up a web camera with your PC, smartphone or tablet, and have a video conference with your loved one. It is like being there because video transmission is so much more personal than an audio phone call.


Securus is all about offering multiple platforms from which communications can go both ways, for inmates and their families. By supplying a secure and open email service, Securus puts inmates and families in control of their communication. An email can provide instant connections any time it is convenient and appropriate.


Securus make certain that the very best technological assets are in place so that first class communications can continue to prevail. Communications make a way for people to understand and keep relationships the way they always were. Good communications make good policy in any arena, and even more in a correction facility.

National Awareness Is Made Concerning Video Chat Calls To Inmates And Their Loved Ones

Securus Technologies is on a national campaign to inform their customers of the savings associated with video visitation. They are proudly serving over 160,000+ customers with their video chat feature. Surprisingly, Securus has teamed up with video extraordinaire Vimeo to bring high definition video calling features available on your pc or smartphone. Now you can talk to your loves ones no matter where you are and share the outside with them from your phone or pc. For example, include your loved one in your Christmas party by having them video chat with you when the entire family is there.


PRN News was proud to announce the Securus Technologies campaigned designed at informing the people of the new advance internet methods of talking to their loved ones in a correctional facility. The traditional method of commuting to a inmate facility is a thing of the past. Securus provides justice technology solutions, investigations and monitoring, but they are committed to the public and always trying to find ways to save them money. On average, Securus features can save their customers 26% in their wallet and a considerable amount of time. You’re invited to become a Securus Technologies customer by visiting their secure website.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


Video chat visitation is available for inmates that have their loved ones name on their visiting list. You have complete control of the high definition picture by adjusting the volume and the sound with one click of a button.


Advanced Pay Options


Pay for your features in advanced from their website with a valid credit or debit card. You never have to leave home again trying to locate an authorized agent. Advance pay options are also available to the inmates from their commissary.


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Securus Technologies is offering their customers reliable features that still are in compliance with government regulations. Securus works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure proper surveillance and monitoring of inmate calls. The government has federal mandates on inmate communication to protect the safety of the public. Securus also mandates larger inmate communication providers to ensure they’re up to federal standard. A recent PRN News article Securus has reportedly audited Global Tel-Link one of the largest inmate providers in the nation. However, Securus Technologies is one of the fastest growing inmate providers in the industry. They strive for an Excellency in customer service.

Securus Technology Goals


In fact, inmates and their family members complain that correctional calling with operator assistance can be expensive and of poor quality.

Free Features

 Securus Technologies is now offering free inmate calls to Louisiana. They are trying this new feature in their headquartered state to save money and test run this new feature. Inmates get a complimentary call to any Louisiana phone number.

More importantly, Securus offers video chatting features that allow you to talk to your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. This feature first became popular when the courts needed a method to reduce the cost of transporting inmates to their court proceedings. This feature allows customers to be in complete control over their video chat calls. They can use features that will allow customers to adjust the video with a zoom in and out feature and volume control.

Securus Technologies would like to invite customers to visit their official website for more details on services and plans available through an account with them.