What Preston Smith Did For Rocketship Education To Win

Preston Smith started his educational career at elementary schools in San Jose, California. The current President and CEO of Rocketship Education first saw how well low-income students didn’t do in bad neighborhoods. He founded L.U.C.H.A. Elementary school in 2004 with help from a committee of educators that wanted to see better schools. Mr. Smith remained at L.U.C.H.A. as its Principal for three years’ time, before joining forces with John Danner to yield Rocketship Education.

Many of Rocketship Education’s facilities are safe areas that don’t allow law enforcement to take illegal immigrants of parents to jail when dropping their children off. Bestowing good deeds unto each locations’ citizens is simply paying it forward for Preston Smith.

Rocketship Education has a lengthy history of getting the most out of its students hailing from high-poverty areas with low opportunity. Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Preston Smith created the line of charter schools with a dream to bring top-tier elementary schools to areas of San Jose and other economically-disadvantaged areas in the United States. It currently boasts more than 3,800 students.

Parents that aren’t scared to enroll their children in other schools, even if it’s not convenient, in the event of underperformance. They’re encouraged to do so by teachers and principals in the best interest of their children.

Preston Smith encourages parents to be in on the interviews of those who apply to be teachers at any of RSED’s 18 locations. Parents of students enrolled at Nashville, Tennessee Rocketship Education facilities were all in on evaluating potential new educators that hadn’t worked at any of Rocketship’s schools before.

Mr. Smith’s 16-plus-year career in education partially spent with the city of San Jose is comparable with tenures of top-level leaders belonging to leading American elementary schools. He is slated to be the President and CEO, titles he’s held continuously since 2013, for innumerable years to come.