Rick Smith of Securus Technologies; Making the World Safer, One Prison at a Time

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of communication equipment for prisons in the US. They were founded in 1986 and are based in Dallas, Texas. The number of employees is approximately a 1000 and the company provides service to nearly 2200 prisons throughout the United States. Rick Smith joined the company in as a CEO in 2008. Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick spent several decades in telecommunication business. Immediately prior to joining Securus Technologies, he worked for Eschelon Telecom. While there, he served in several different capacities and took the company from a $30 million enterprise to a $350 million business.

Before Eschelon, he worked with Frontier Corporation. While there he worked as the Vice President of Financial Management, among other things. In fact, he spent nearly 20 years at Frontier taking on various responsibilities. All said and done, Rick Smith has over 30 years under his belt in the telecommunication industry. Apart from an electrical engineering degree, he has an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick has been putting all this education and experience to good use. This is because providing communication services to inmates is a tricky business. There is plenty of opportunities for people to misuse it, and it takes people who have an in-depth knowledge in this field to provide any type of service with minimal problems.

Under Rick’s leadership, Securus not only to provides communication service to prisons but also to help protect society. They do this by providing technology that cannot be misused by inmates. This, in turn, brings down recidivistic chances among inmates. Another product Rick introduced was a system that controls contraband cell phones. What this system is designed to do is prevent contraband cell phones from connecting with cell phone towers in the outside world. It is essentially a cell phone jamming technology.

Securus partnered with another company by the name of Harris Corporation, to achieve this. Other services Securus is providing under Rick Smiths leadership are email services and video phone calls. Rick believes that by providing these types of technologies helps inmates stay in touch with changes happening in the outside world, which in turn makes it easier for them to adjust when they get released. Long story short, Rick Smith is doing his part in making the world as a whole a safer place for everyone to live in.