Ricardo Tosto has set the Standard in Brazil’s Law Profession

The Brazil Bar Association, known as the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, has been setting the standards for this sector since 1930. For a law graduate to practice in Brazil, he/she must be registered with this organization. Its membership was close to a million by 2013. With the rising number of lawyers joining this profession in Brazil, this number must have gone higher by now.

Two ultimate requirements for legal practitioners in Brazil are a law degree, and passing the bar examination. The bar exam takes place thrice annually, in March, August and in December. This exam consists of both a writing exam and a multiple choice exam. Once qualified, a lawyer can practice in several areas.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the lawyers who have certified the association’s requirements, and grown professionally into one of Brazil’s top lawyers. He works for Leite, Tosto & Barros Advocates, a company he co-founded, and is now one of the top team of law firms in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto practices in a number of areas such as banking contracts, administrative law, credit recovery and commercial law. His prowess goes beyond satisfying the two requirements for legal practitioners because he is fluent in Portuguese and English, thereby helping him serve even a larger population of the country. His clients range affluent personalities to government officials and corporations. He is a great lawyer and a big achiever when shaping the laws of the land of the Brazil. He has been on the front line fighting for good governance and law observance.

Outside the court room, Ricardo has worked as an advisor for a Brazilian company and also as the director of another company. He is a member of several international law organizations such as the International Bar Association, and part of the committee of the Institute for Management Development’s (IMD) alumni body in Brazil.

He is also a prolific writer whose pieces about law and politics have been on various publications in the country. He also uses his experience and excellence in Brazil’s law sector to impart knowledge through lectures. Ricardo has also chaired the judicial reform and judicial modernization committees of the Sao Paulo branch of the Brazilian Bar Association.