Democrat Conor Lamb Keeps His Rivals On Their Toes With Joint Efforts From End Citizens United

Democrat Conor Lamb is known for many things such as his grace and charm, but most importantly he is known for his recent dedication to winning this year’s elections in the rust belt, which is a substantial union district in the country. While Trump won the polls by 20 points, Conor Lamb is quickly gaining popularity by choosing to decline campaign funds from corporations with big money, that is often invested in politics for the last few years. This decision was received with happiness from organizations such as End Citizens United; a Political Action Committee dedicated to the sole cause of ceasing the process of corporations investing large amounts of untraceable funds through the means of election funds.

End Citizens United is supported by many grass root level sponsors, that come from various backgrounds but have one thing in common; they are all individual taxpaying citizens that are not getting funding from large firms. This PAC was established in 2015 by concerned citizens as well as supported by many others who felt the need to stand up against the Supreme Court Ruling in favor of establishments investing big money in an attempt to rig elections indirectly.

Amongst thousands of other supporters in the nation who stand by Corner Lamb, a 93 years old war veteran named Ted Skowvron showed his support to this democrat by recently approaching him at the end of an interview with a reporter. Ted Skowvron showed an urgency to discuss the elephant in the room, getting Trump out of the lead for this campaign. This war veteran was one of the 85 people who was dedicated enough to their cause and showed this by traveling on that day through snow paved roads to hear Conor Lamb speak briefly at the venue, an American Legion Hall in Pittsburgh.

Rick Saccone a Republican candidate and the main rival for this year’s elections for the same district that is being contested by Conor Lamb, made recent announcements that they are accepting money from corporations towards election funds. Corner Lamb on the other hand who is fighting for the justice of Pennsylvania families that were previously ignored due to tipped elections refused to accept money from political action committees that were backed up by corporations. Since End Citizens, United does not receive funding from any corporate entities as well as they run transparent operations, Conor Lamb will be accepting funding from them as well as wholeheartedly inviting their support and more

The Democrat is hoping that the energy levels from the past elections as well as their current supporters such as End Citizens United and Ted Skowvron will help them win this year’s campaign. This continued attempt is being made with zest by Democrats to end big money and make the USA a genuinely democratic country once again with a financial system that works for the good of the people as opposed to working on the whims and fancies of corporations.