The OSI Company’s Strides of Excellence under President Dave McDonalds

According to the president of the OSI Group, David McDonald, the company has had huge success in China. The president attributes this success to the achievement of his company in past years. According to David McDonald the company has for the past two decades had nonstop supply of valuable protein products such as; sausage links and beef patties in china. The OSI Company has supplied huge events back in China such as the Beijing Olympics and many more. The company’s success is widely supported by its global network position in the market. For a long time now, the company has been in participation both globally and locally in the food market, hence making it a successful company. The OSI Company’s success called for a celebration as the company had made hallmark strides. Mr. McDonald remarked that his success was as a result of the company’s efficiency with local market solutions, and the power of global scaling.

For the two decades that OSI Company has been in operation, it has had the privilege to grow with the country’s economy. So far, the company has managed to construct eight other factories, and has plans for constructing two more additional facilities. Mr. McDonalds Company has managed to build a new mega plant with the hopes that it will help in the processing of more food in Henan province. In addition, the company announced the acquisition of Boha Food Company that which had been purchased in the year 2016. This was one of the biggest moves made by Mr. McDonald, as the president of OSI Company, which has enabled the company to extend its market shares to Europe. Baho Food’s additional five affiliates are effectively serving both Germany and Netherlands while at the same time, are acting as a compliment to the other OSI Company products.

David MacDonald’s

Born in the year 1987, he was raised in a family farm in the state of Iowa. Later on, after his o’ levels, Mr. McDonalds joined the University of Iowa where he managed to acquire bachelor’s degree in animal science. Mr. MacDonald’s career began after he graduated from college. He attended various colleges before eventually graduating to peruse his career.

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