Businessman Glen Wakeman on the Power of Actionable Plans

Businessman Glen Wakeman became known for his co-founding the company LaunchPad Holdings LLC of which he has been the Chief Executive Officer. He achieved his degree from the University of Chicago.

During his career, Glen Wakeman has traveled extensively and lived in 6 countries and been employed at 32 over a period of 20 years while he was serving in the GE Capital. In his career, Mr. Glen Wakeman has achieved the growth and transformation of several businesses such as corporations with more than 17 000 employees and more than 15 billion dollars in assets. Mr. Glen Wakeman has grown startups, mergers, and acquisitions, divestitures, done downsizing and integration, as well as worked on exponential growth and new market entry.

Mr. Glen Wakeman took his career to the next level with the start of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC (Wikidata). It is a SAAS business and works with entrepreneurs in the early stages of business to inches their rates of success and productivity by providing them with a platform online for planning and creating actionable plans of action for the next weeks, months, and years. What the company provides aligns well with the beliefs that Mr. Glen Wakeman has about succeeding in business.

The ideation process is only a small start, according to Mr. Glen Wakeman. He believes that actionable plans with clearly set out steps to take in the near future are the way to go for entrepreneurs especially if they are in the early stages of their career. Over the course of his years in business, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been convinced time and again that winging it is not a good choice for most people and it is not a sustainable choice for business.

As someone who is passionate about planning, Mr. Glen Wakeman has a method of his own that he uses whenever he is working on something new and significant. He likes to visualize the end goal first and then back-track step by step to where he is at the time.

That does several things. It allows him to focus on the process and planning and it also helps him make better choices about his work.