Todd Lubar on the New Baltimore

Baltimore, also known by many as the Charm City, has been living up to its name in regards to the newfound influx of young professionals. While the city, as a whole, has been steadily losing a portion of its population over the years, many young professionals have been flocking to Baltimore in droves. One of the reasons for the steady climb in the young professional population seems to be the less expensive cost of living that Baltimore presents when compared to Washington, D.C. The rebound of Baltimore’s economy is directly tied to continued trend in growth amongst young professionals. The purchasing power of the millennials coming to Baltimore is said to see an increase in the upcoming years, as increased wages throughout many of the dominant professions steadily rises.

The young professional population has directly impacted the need for apartments within the city, and as a result, many real estate developers have begun refurbishing old buildings, turning them into luxury housing and condominiums. In order to cultivate the continued population growth in Baltimore, the city has been putting a major emphasis on rebuilding the transportation system. The expanded and improved transportation system will help to ease the commute for those working in downtown Baltimore, while also helping to boost the rate of growth in the metropolitan area due to increased efficiency for suburbanites. With the creation of an improved transportation system throughout the city, with it, comes a decreased need for regular parking expenses. One of the major upsides of the population boom in Baltimore among young professionals is the fact that the cost of living is not expected to increase drastically.

Todd Lubar has been working in the real estate industry throughout Maryland for the better part of two decades. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 which a B.A in Speech Communication. Mr. Lubar has held several positions at Crestar Mortgage Company and Legacy Financial Group, and in 2005, he became the Senior Vice President with Charter Funding. Today, he is the President of TDL Ventures. Apart from his experience in real estate, Mr. Lubar also has an extensive background in credit and finance and also operates and owns a demolition company. Check out his website

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How Did EOS Lip Balm Reach This Success?

EOs Lip Balm is a brand that has revolutionized the way women try to moisture their lips. With a beautiful design and a great set of ingredients, there is no doubt this product was going to sell. The creators ( knew that something in the chapstick department needed an upgrade in terms of something new to hit the market. It wasn’t that easy to get up there and become a popular product, especially because many have been so used to be loyal to the one chapstick brand that they would always use. EOS Lip Balm needed to find a way to get their products on the shelves of Target and Walmart.

They decided to hire a sales executive to help guide them on the process to getting in stores. They used that knowledge to build upon their growth in this industry for setting themselves apart. They got on shelves but they knew they would succeed because of their approach. Most chapstick brands made it a goal to go as cheap of a price as possible, meaning that was their only selling point; the fact that they were cheap. They used that to help build their brand; the lip balm with bomb ingredients at a low cost price.

They wanted to create buzz around the product despite already reaching out into stores like Well and Amazon, and this is why that they strive to get onto the world of social media. They took to the world of influencer marketing to get the word out, and the next thing you know famous celebrities were using it in their makeup bags. The brands were all constantly growing and they found that EOS was reaching out to younger people. The female millennials were loving the idea behind the lip balm. Today, the brand is growing and making more progress, and they hope to dive deeper into the future of the brand by going beyond lip balms.


Building a Great Business like Construcap

From the time the company was started, Construcap has been about helping others. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to the success that Construcap has had in such a short period of time. Looking at the history of the company, it is easy to why the company does so well. Not only does it help its employees get to the next level, but it also invests in the local community. This is a great way to drive value in an industry that is often lacking in local focus. Construcap wants to help the country as it continues to grow rapidly.

Brazil Growth

In the last few years, Brazil has had one of the largest economic growth plans on in the world. Not only is the population rising fast, but they have a lot of new infrastructure plans in order to support the growth. This is something that a lot of people are excited about seeing. All of the new people that are coming into the country need homes to stay in, and this is where a company like Construcap can step in. The company on has been a huge help in various infrastructure projects throughout the country. Not only that, but they are also looking for ways to take their business to a new level. If you want to grow a business like Construcap, learning from their example is the best way to have success. Over time, this is a company that has consistently invested into the lives of others.


Running a business as large as Construcap requires intense focus around your finances. A lot of small companies that are growing rapidly take on too much debt in order to sustain the growth. However, this can be a bad thing in the long run. It is vital to continue to work on the balance sheet and make sure the cash flow from operations stays high. A lot of companies struggle in this area, and it can be a great way to differentiate your business from other people in the industry. In the coming years, Construcap looks to improve its balance sheet and finances.

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