How LimeCrime Overcame Wholesale Obstacles in China

When LimeCrime was seeking to sell its products in China, they had to adapt to the issues created by the rules and regulations of the expansion. The expansion was not a possibility using methods traditionally found in plans for this action. As a result, they decided to be creative and formulate an expansion method which involved finding others to promote their makeup and and partnering with another company.

One of the issues they had to work around was a regulation requiring cosmetics which are sold wholesale to be tested on animals. LimeCrime is a vegan organization which refuses to perform animal testing. If they wanted to avoid this regulation, all of their product would have to have been shipped to China directly from the US. This would have created excessively high duties, taxes, and a translator in order to respond to inquiries in another language.

In addition, LimeCrime discovered that their products were being counterfeit and sold in the Chinese marketplace. With over a million fake items sold, this was a significant problem for the company.

Lime Crime solved these dilemmas by working with others. They found an e-commerce company which was expanding into other segments in the beauty genre and partnered with them to sell their products. This allowed both Lime Crime and Revolve to work together and serve similar customers with their compatible perspectives. based e-commerce fashion platform expanding into the beauty segment.

Through this partnership, Revolve became the only distributor of the legitimate products in China. Current customers and supporters were able to access their website two hours before the official release, which caused the word to spread to others. The companies also found well-known individuals who were passionate about the makeup line and fit well with the company’s mission.

While the process of distributing their product in China featured some bumps in the road and logistical difficulties, Lime Crime was successful due to creative thinking and an exclusive partnership. While it wasn’t an easy or overnight process, the company shows that there are very few problems which can’t be overcome. When working to solve your organization’s dilemmas, know your competition, your prospective allies, and keep your eyes on the prize, which is the overall goal.