The Founders of Class Dojo is Enhancing its Services

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the founder of Class Dojo which is the number educational technology app on the market today. This application has been in use since 2011. The app caught on real fast with teachers and students liked it just as much. Thousands of teachers all over the country have taken to this app and they use it every day in their classroom.

Since its inception, Class Dojo has been making positive waves in the field of education. The app helps to improve the environment and it makes teachers jobs a lot easier. When parents sign up with the application they can instantly connect with teachers to figure out how their child’s day is going. A teacher can update them with a text, picture or photo.

Another great thing about Class Dojo is its ability to provide extra content to users. The founders of the app want to monetize their program, but they do not want to commercialize it. They do not want advertisements to ruin the app. The CEOs are now working with universities to create meaningful content that users will purchase.

Their paid services will be a benefit for users everywhere. The app can be used to provide special educational videos that can hep students to learn and to develop their skills in various disciplines. Content can also be special education that can help them to develop skills in various other areas of knowledge. Videos, books and informative papers are all mediums that can be used to educate students.

The CEOs want to take their time to develop the paid user content. This is important because they want to provide content to students that is meaningful and that their parents will find beneficial. Investors in Class Dojo do not mind the slow development with the monetization of the site. Class Dojo is steadily becoming a staple in the education field and it’s monetized services is helping to boost the value of the app.