Although Most Individuals are Familiar with The Beneful Brand of Dog Food

Although most individuals are familiar with the Beneful brand of dog food, they do not realize where the name originated. The literal translation of the word Beneful Definition is full of goodness. This term was apropos for a food so high in nutrition. Nestle Purina Petcare is the manufacturer of the dog food, and it is unique in appearance. Beneful looks a lot like stew, and contains beef.

Consumers first saw Beneful on the shelves in 2001. By the year 2012, it ranked as fourth in the popularity of dog foods, and has reached an annual revenue of $1.5 billion. Upon release of the Beneful dog food, an advertising campaign for $34 million was launched. This campaign contributed to an increase in revenue to $300 million by 2006. The company additional decided to increase their production of wet food, and upgraded their St. Joseph. Missouri facilities during the very same year.

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BenefulIncrediBites Are Excellent

If you are a pet owner, you will want to make sure that you are feeding yours correctly. Many people own small breeds of dogs. Your small dog or puppy has to be given certain types of foods so they can chew it up and have proper digestion. You will want to look into the Purina BenefulIncrediBites.

With the IncrediBites being made specifically with small dogs in mind, they will be able to get the nourishment from their meal. They are tasty so your dog will love it. Get the best IncrediBites in the beef flavor because it also has real peas and carrots in it. Your dog will love the taste, and it will receive all the other benefits from the nutritional factor.

There are 23 minerals and vitamins in the IncrediBites. In one cup, there are 27 grams of protein and calcium too. This all lends a hand in making sure that your small dog is healthy and happy. Going shopping for the IncrediBites won’t be an awful experience. You will walk away with a 15-pound bag for just $13.99. If you do your research, you can find online coupons for the IncrediBites. While you are planning your shopping day, make sure that you hit the sales. Look for promotions at different times of the year to save you even more money.