How Did EOS Lip Balm Reach This Success?

EOs Lip Balm is a brand that has revolutionized the way women try to moisture their lips. With a beautiful design and a great set of ingredients, there is no doubt this product was going to sell. The creators ( knew that something in the chapstick department needed an upgrade in terms of something new to hit the market. It wasn’t that easy to get up there and become a popular product, especially because many have been so used to be loyal to the one chapstick brand that they would always use. EOS Lip Balm needed to find a way to get their products on the shelves of Target and Walmart.

They decided to hire a sales executive to help guide them on the process to getting in stores. They used that knowledge to build upon their growth in this industry for setting themselves apart. They got on shelves but they knew they would succeed because of their approach. Most chapstick brands made it a goal to go as cheap of a price as possible, meaning that was their only selling point; the fact that they were cheap. They used that to help build their brand; the lip balm with bomb ingredients at a low cost price.

They wanted to create buzz around the product despite already reaching out into stores like Well and Amazon, and this is why that they strive to get onto the world of social media. They took to the world of influencer marketing to get the word out, and the next thing you know famous celebrities were using it in their makeup bags. The brands were all constantly growing and they found that EOS was reaching out to younger people. The female millennials were loving the idea behind the lip balm. Today, the brand is growing and making more progress, and they hope to dive deeper into the future of the brand by going beyond lip balms.


Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Advocacy Comes at Perfect Time in Human History

The world is lucky to have Thor Halvorssen at such a critical juncture in the world’s history. The 40-year-old human rights activist has come to us just when technology and human rights advocacy is converging. There is no better person on planet Earth that understands the relationship between viral Internet content that educates the masses and actionable human rights advocacy.

Real change comes from the bottom up. You don’t have to look any farther back than the American Revolutionary War to understand this. When the entire population of the colonies became fed up with British rule, they fought back. It was the people of the American colonies that claimed their own independence. It was not given to them by the British monarchy.

With this lesson in mind, Thor Halvorssen aims to educate the population of certain countries so that they have their own revolution. Thor Halvorssen wants to educate as many people as possible of the human rights violations of unilateral dictators around the world in hope that their own population topples the human rights violating dictator. Thor Halvorssen expertly uses the Internet to achieve this goal.

Millions of people across the world know who Nikki Minaj is. In fact, more people are likely to know the popstar than their own representatives in government. That means there is much more information on the popular rapper on the Internet then there is information about politicians. So instead of making his arguments against unilateral dictators politically cut and dry, he uses the momentum of fame to educate <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”the world” allowfullscreen></iframe>.

Nikki Minaj was paid a handsome salary to play a private concert for the dictator of Angola. She boarded a private jet with her friends in the United States to travel to the impoverished country. Thor Halvorssen used her fame as momentum by penning an open letter that went viral across the Internet. He pled the popstar not to play the concert for a variety of human rights violations that the dictator of Angola had perpetrated. Millions of people across the world saw this information as they looked up news about their favorite popstar.

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Two Hotties Taking Over Hollywood


Christina Hendricks

Mad Men was one of the hottest shows of this decade and gave audiences a glimpse into office politics in the 60s. Jon Hamm may have taken the lead as smooth ad man Don Draper, but the sexy Christina Hendricks played a role nobody will forget soon. Hollywood isn’t known for its appreciation of curvy women, but Hendricks as managed to make herself an exception. She is so popular that British women have even started pursuing breast augmentation just to look like their favorite celebrity. Since the end of Mad Men the redhead has continued to turn heads and take over Hollywood. People like the direction she’s taken things and there’s no plan to stop the gravy train any time soon.



Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has made a career out of stunning us on TV and in the many movies she has done over the years. There are certainly those out there who would love to compete with Vergara, but the Colombian sensation has proven nobody else can compete. Most know her for her work on Modern Family as a housewife taking care of her own family. She has moved beyond this and proven she can do just about any genre. Always seen with a smile and a happy demeanor, any Sofia Vergara bikini shot is iconic and she won’t be forgotten anytime soon. We have plenty of actresses that have come and gone but she has made herself a household name. Here’s to more years of this hottie to come.

Susan McGalla And Her Eleven Amazings Steps To Balance


Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pennsylvania. She has experience in marketing and management and has been a buyer for ladies clothing. This position prompted her promotion to the position of running the entire company. She grew up in Liverpool with two brothers and her father coached football. She attended Mount Union College where she earned a Bachelors Degree in business marketing. Susan McGalla sits on the board of advisors for the college. Her husband is Stephen McGalla whose specialty is wealth management.


Susan McGalla understands the difficulties in finding the balance between a work and a home life. She has found eleven steps to make it easier for other working mothers. When everything becomes too much to handle, these steps put all the chaos to rest.


The first step is make sure you have downtime every single week. Spend time enjoying your family, relaxing and enjoying life. Conquering the challenges at work requires relaxation at home.


The second step is to let go of any activities that drain you. Anything you are doing that is not accomplishing anything is wasting your time and energy.


The third step is about finding quiet time for yourself. Taking the time to pamper yourself on a routine basis is rewarding. A nice hot bath or a nap can make life a whole lot easier.

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The fourth step is about being physically active. When you workout, it gives you a sense of control and helps rejuvenate you. A gym membership or even a jog through the park will help give you the peace you need.


The fifth step revolves around all the small tasks that add up quickly. Try getting someone to help run your errands or ordering your groceries online for delivery. Anything you can do to cut down on all the trips you make that eat away at your time.


Step six lets you know nobody is perfect. Everyone has different types of flaws. By admitting that this is the truth, you can take a major load off of your shoulders.


Step seven is all about technology. Turning off any mobile devices you own will help prevent you from overworking. Computers and cellular phones add pressure and can make it seem as though you never leave work. Ignore them and relax.


Step eight is about meditation. Exercises involving deep breathing help alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Just a few minutes when you can or even before you retire for the night will make a difference.


Step nine is all about making your lifestyle as simple as possible. Look at what you do every day and find a way to streamline your life. Complicated lives make everything more difficult.


Step ten is about letting go of guilt. Especially guilt you do not spend enough time with your kids. This does not do anyone any good. Just be the best mom you can be, think positively and let the guilt go.

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The final step is eleven. Try to do as much as you are able at night to prevent mornings filled with chaos. From making lunches for your children to putting out their clothes, it can all be done the night before.

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Getting To Sleep Faster

If you have trouble falling asleep, Wengie has a few tips that you can use so that you are asleep in no time. One of the first things that you need to do is remove some of the stress from the day so that you don’t have a lot of thoughts invading the mind. If you have a clear mind, then it can help you to relax at night so that you can fall asleep faster.


White noise is a good idea as well if you need some kind of sound when you go to sleep. Avoid noises like a dog barking, a television or a radio as the sounds will sometimes keep you awake. Raindrops are perhaps the most relaxing sound to hear at night. There is a pressure point in the middle of the forehead that is said to relieve anxiety and depression, which can also help to decrease your stress. Jasmine oil placed on this spot can relax the mind and body in the evening.


Blinking really fast can make the eyes tired, which can make you fall asleep. This is a hack that can be uncomfortable, but if you’re trying to get your mind to unwind, then you might want to give it a try. It’s said that there is a perfect temperature for the body to fall asleep. There are studies that have been done that have found that 65 degrees is the ideal temperature for the body to be relaxed without it being too hot or too cold.


Building a Great Business like Construcap

From the time the company was started, Construcap has been about helping others. There are a lot of people in the industry who look up to the success that Construcap has had in such a short period of time. Looking at the history of the company, it is easy to why the company does so well. Not only does it help its employees get to the next level, but it also invests in the local community. This is a great way to drive value in an industry that is often lacking in local focus. Construcap wants to help the country as it continues to grow rapidly.

Brazil Growth

In the last few years, Brazil has had one of the largest economic growth plans on in the world. Not only is the population rising fast, but they have a lot of new infrastructure plans in order to support the growth. This is something that a lot of people are excited about seeing. All of the new people that are coming into the country need homes to stay in, and this is where a company like Construcap can step in. The company on has been a huge help in various infrastructure projects throughout the country. Not only that, but they are also looking for ways to take their business to a new level. If you want to grow a business like Construcap, learning from their example is the best way to have success. Over time, this is a company that has consistently invested into the lives of others.


Running a business as large as Construcap requires intense focus around your finances. A lot of small companies that are growing rapidly take on too much debt in order to sustain the growth. However, this can be a bad thing in the long run. It is vital to continue to work on the balance sheet and make sure the cash flow from operations stays high. A lot of companies struggle in this area, and it can be a great way to differentiate your business from other people in the industry. In the coming years, Construcap looks to improve its balance sheet and finances.

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Giving Back and Persisting Towards Your Future with Eric Pulier

Pulier was conceived and raised in New Jersey. In getting some answers concerning his early life, it is well understood that education only sharpened his huge natural insight. He started programming computers when as a fourth-grade student and by the time he finished with high school education in 1984, he had launched a database firm. Then, he proceeded to Harvard right away in the wake of graduating where he worked as the editor at Harvard Crimson.

Apart from overseeing the daily tasks in the institution, he also wrote for the paper. His incredible article pieces at present can be visited at his Harvard writer profile. From the disgrace associated with a Harvard degree and to the fear mongering dangers that were not as expansive of a stress then, Pulier secured a wide bunch of basic subjects and later moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to pursue his dreams.

Painted Turtle is a kid’s camp and one of the places that Pulier’s spends most of his philanthropic efforts and within the institution; he is the cloud operations VP. He has generously given both time and money to ensure that youths who have remarkable medical needs can likewise appreciate the pristine summer camp activities.

Pulier’s sensitivity for adolescents with remarkable therapeutic needs is in like manner seen in his work with Starbright World. He spends his money and noteworthy tech aptitudes to work in building up a protected web-based platform for children suffering from unending afflictions. With this inventive framework, they can meet and collaborate with other individuals who were experiencing similar medical issues. To put it plainly, Pulier’s altruistic record is great and long.

Another accomplishment of Pulier’s is the book he published referred as Understanding Enterprise SOA. Within, the book, he passes on a strong and direct prologue to the plan. His book is highly recommended for its relevance, wide depth of understanding and simplicity. Today, Pulier’s achievements and character have been a role model to many.

Moreover, he has likewise before composed for Forbes. And from building the initial intuitive live feed stream to help people suffering medically, Pulier left an official positive impact. He finds it good to continue assisting other needy people, helping startups businesses and developing computer technology.

Work for Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning institution that is located in the South of England. The higher learning institute has very strong ties with the scientific community and is heavily involved with research and publishing on an International level. The institute attracts people in education and various industries. They converge at the institute to exchange knowledge on various subjects that are of substantial importance. Working for Wessex Institute of Technology is an ideal career for ambitious people that are dedicated to joining the scientific or educational community.


Careers At Wessex Institute of Technology

Careers at Wessex Institute of Technology are highly sought after by those in the educational field. The higher learning institute actively recruits new staff members throughout the year. Get started today by visiting their recruitment page and browsing through the current job openings. If you do not find jobs of interest to you, sign up for their email alerts for future openings at the institute.


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How EOS Became One of the Most Popular Brands

Seven years ago, the lip balm industry changed drastically with the growing popularity of the EOS lip balm products. The round and colorful design of the lip balm was a stark contrast to the traditional, more clinically designed lip care products of the past. As discussed in the article ‘The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,‘ on the Fast Company website, the product line grew to be one of the top lip care products seemingly over night.

The reason for this sudden appearance of the product seems to be the companies lack of build up information. The small start up said that they wanted to focus on creating the product and getting as much out there as possible. Another strategy that went towards the popularity of the EOS lip balm is the fact that they don’t look the same as previous lip care products. The shape and general look of previous products have not changed all that much in the past years, and it shows when looking at the lip balm category. But the product brings a new look and color to the lip balm industry.

The small start up then had to find out a way to make this new design less of a fad, and more of something that would be able to stick around. They finally ended up deciding to make a product that would appeal to all five senses. Touch, smell, taste, color and sound were all thought of in designing the product. The creators landed their first sale with a female buyer at a Walgreens, and this lead to sales at other big name stores such as eBay and Ulta(


The Vitality of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that provides a high-end mode of communication services that connects inmates and family all across North America. Currently connecting over 3,400 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates, Securus offers the latest in voice and video communications capabilities.


Friends and families of inmates can feel secure that they can communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated through the latest means of technology, including the use of Apple or Android smartphones, tablets or PCs.


One feature that families have found to be most convenient is jail voicemail. Not everyone’s schedule is conducive to the schedule of the inmates, so family members and friends can leave a voicemail for an incarcerated loved one to share important events and news. The inmate can then call back at their convenience.


Another great feature that is very popular is the Securus Video Visitation application which allows families and inmates to speak to one another over a video hookup. If it is inconvenient to schedule an in-person visit, you can pre-schedule an online visit by setting up a web camera with your PC, smartphone or tablet, and have a video conference with your loved one. It is like being there because video transmission is so much more personal than an audio phone call.


Securus is all about offering multiple platforms from which communications can go both ways, for inmates and their families. By supplying a secure and open email service, Securus puts inmates and families in control of their communication. An email can provide instant connections any time it is convenient and appropriate.


Securus make certain that the very best technological assets are in place so that first class communications can continue to prevail. Communications make a way for people to understand and keep relationships the way they always were. Good communications make good policy in any arena, and even more in a correction facility.