The Innovative Susan McGalla Paving The Way For Women Today

The way things are revolutionizing today, new prespectives and point of views are showing up to the forefront, with people adjusting to a new way of thinking, and getting rid of the old judgments that we had instilled in our minds when it comes to how society views the leadership in women. A lot of businesses and organizations are reaching new heights, as a result of women paving the way.

When it comes to helping to lead the way for women to understand how capable, able, and worthy, they really are, there is a woman paving the way for women today, her name is Susan McGalla. Every since childhood, she had to put forth more effort than the average girl, to succeed with the brothers and a father who were naturally competitive. This has enabled her to hold prestigious roles during her career, adding to the much needed diversity, which makes it more likely for companies to perform at higher levels.

Susan McGalla, from the years of 1994 to 2009, she held a wide-range of positions with American Eagle Outfitters, and towards the end of working there, she became president of the company, shortly before then. Two years after leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla then went on to become the Chief Executive Officer of the well-known company, Wet Seal. In the competitive field of marketing, she has been able to find innovative ways to come out with successful marketing strategies, and take a corporation’s campaign to assist them in expanding even further.

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