David Giertz Addresses the Importance of Social Security

David Giertz is a successful Financial Advisor and President of sales at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation located in Columbus, Ohio. He is also a broker registered with FINRA, also known as broker-dealer registered rep or RR. He has passed 4 Financial Advisor Certifications, including the Municipal Securities Principal, the Uniform Agent State Law Examination and more, making him a qualified Broker in 18 states with 32 years of experience. David mentions the dangers of not addressing the topic of social security, stating that most advisers overlook the benefits which increase the risk of losing clientele.

Maximizing social security has been an overlooked topic by financial advisers and clients due to its complexity and lack of understanding of rules within the social security handbook. He mentions significance of clearing up the misunderstanding of Social Security in retirement planning by gaining more confidence around the guidelines, and failure to rectify the matter will only impact earnings and increase taxes for newly retirees. The need for advisers to speak to clients about Social Security in their retirement planning process is necessary; failing to do so may possibly result in less income. David Giertz quotes “It’s more important to create a retirement income plan that includes Social Security Benefits”.

Since people are avoiding the topic of Social Security, he mentions what could happen if financial advisers begin informing their clients about Social Security for retirees, stating that they can earn up to 40% of their retirement plan. David Giertz also addresses the dangers of optimizing their Social Security too soon, stating that it can result in a $300,000 loss of income. While advisers fail to mention Social Security, clients will eventually move on. As a result, it is extremely important for clients to recognize the importance of Social Security in order to optimize their income.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=130334261&privcapId=28783756&previousCapId=770402&previousTitle=HENNES%20&%20MAURITZ%20AB-B%20SHS

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