Omar Boraie Builds a Stronger Alliance

The New Jersey state Senate recently gave recognition to Omar Boraie for all the wonderful work he has done in turning around the city of New Brunswick. They rightfully called him the father of our city. They did this because he spent four decades taking the city of New Brunswick from the hole it was an and turning it into the city of gold that it is today.

Omar Boraie gained inspiration by visiting the continent of Europe. He wanted to know what made these great cities so influential around the world. While traveling Europe, he discovered four things. The first thing that made a city great was a strong family community. The second thing that made the city great was a thriving job market. The third thing that made a city great was a united coalition of influencers. The four things that made the city great was a strong middle-class.

Omar Boraie believed that he could make New Brunswick just as great as one of the cities. He helped New Brunswick become more family oriented by working with churches and outreaches. He offered them money if they organized events that would bring the community together and make a stronger family atmosphere.

Omar Boraie also made a thriving job market by convincing local businesses to stay in the area and bringing new businesses in. He convinced businesses to stay in the area by getting Johnson & Johnson to open up more factories. He brought new businesses into the area by building commercial real estate and offering it for three-fourths price of surrounding cities. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie unified the City Council, the state Senate, the mayor, and the nonprofit leaders underneath a single vision. The vision was to make New Brunswick the most wonderful place it could be.

This coalition was the primary reason that New Brunswick turned around. Without the help of law makers and power brokers, Omar never would have been able to get New Brunswick back on its feet. This coalition was essential and Omar knew it. Check out to see more.

Omar Boraie also brought back a strong middle-class. He did this with a very simple method. He knew that young professionals were trying to secure their own office space so they could practice their profession. However, costs were often prohibitive. Omar Boraie used this to his advantage by building upper tier real estate and leasing it how for a lower tier price.


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