It’s Time To End The Entry Of Foreign Money In Our U.S. Elections

What purpose does congress serve? According to Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the roles of the Senate and House of Representatives are to establish the laws or the legislature. Therefore, their roles are extremely important. If those same individuals are working to please the few and not the 323 million citizens of the United States of America, then we have a desperate problem, which must be repaired immediately.

If according to recent revelations, the Republican Party is determined to allow big money donors to dictate what policy they will vote into law. They do not mind that the will of the people is completely being ignored. Add to this issue the fact that Russia ran ads during our elections aimed at disrupting the voting process and undermining the faith we, the American citizen have in the system. Russian representatives took out ads in Facebook. That was recently admitted by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg.

As Special Counselor Robert Mueller continues his probe into Trump’s campaign staff, determining whether there is any proof of obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia during the election, more and more outside interference is being uncovered. Other countries had a hand in influencing many elected officials run for office. Jeb Bush’s campaign received Super PAC funds from Chinese nationals through American Pacific International Capital, a California Corporation. They used a loophole to hide their identity. A Mexican business man also contributed to the Super PAC using another loophole. All foreign monies are strictly illegal in U.S. elections, but by using underhanded means, the money was allowed in.


As of January of this year the Federal Election Commission has unveiled 15 instances of foreigners to contributing money to U.S. elections. These types of contributions are being feverously defended each time the Republicans use filibuster to vote down legitimate bills attempting to restrict improper funds allowed in the election process.

The Disclosure Act of 2017 was voted down in 2010.
The By the People Reform Package introduced an amendment to reverse Citizens United, which gave corporations and unions the ability to contribute to elections from their general treasury funds.
The Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act closes the loophole that allows foreign money in through U.S. corporations that are partly owned by foreigners was introduced this summer by Democrats.

The republicans are consistently fighting any effort to return the election process back to the citizens of the United States. It is no longer one citizen one vote, now it’s the more dollars you can contribute the more your vote counts. Citizen’s rights are being overrun by money, money from other countries and money from multi-billionaires according to It’s time to end Citizens United and the other unethical means politicians are filling their coffers and ultimately foregoing their responsibilities to the American public, the voting citizen.

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