Avaaz – Leading Non-Profit Civic Organization

Avaaz is an organization located in the United States that works towards general activism while representing authority on issues like human rights, changes regarding nature and political structures. Res Publica is responsible for the overall start-up of Avaaz.org, which is a community of professionals that are dedicated to providing positive governmental structures and more information click here.

Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, and Tom Perriello are the pleased prime supporters of Avaaz. Ricken Patel, right now, is the official executive while Tom Pravda holds the title of secretary. Ricken Patel has devoted numerous years of his profession to add to administrative issues and financial matters. While going to school at Balliol College, he studied politics, philosophy, and economic matters. He earned his Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. In the wake of continuing forward from school, he worked for the International Crisis Group which was a company that reached out to those in Sierre Leone, Liberia, Afghanistan and Sudan. Patel used his mastery by conveying rebel powers to the table of the transaction. He advanced forward to help reestablish the trust in those who have shown a negative disposition toward political gatherings. He was responsible for regulating the defilement inside political frameworks and telling specialists of conceivable revolutionaries. Several years after working for the International Crisis Group, he decided to move back to the United States, where he started volunteering for MoveOn.org. While volunteering, he focused his efforts on how to use different online tools for an extensive variety of operations. With more than thirty nations required with the generation of Avaaz, they are glad to work with numerous master contributors. Avaaz has announced that they have not taken any donations since 2009 nor do they accept payments of more than $5,000. They rely on the generosity and kindness of their trusted and valued members and their Linkedin.

More Visit: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/president_trump_letter_loc/?pv=559&rc=fb

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