Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Nabors Industries Limited that has its base in Hamilton, Bermuda. He has also been a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital as well as being a Director and Member of Executive Committee at Stewart and Stevenson. His other names are Anthony G. Petrello or Simply Tony Petrello. He grew up in Newark a place which is well known for its strong principles on work and integrity. The people of Newark put so much value on honesty in everything that they do.

With the values of integrity and honor imparted in him since childhood, Tony worked hard in academics with the aim of changing the lives of his poor parents.In spite of him studying in a poorly equipped public school, he performed well in calculus and linear algebra at Ph. D-level which led to him obtaining a fully furnished scholarship to pursue mathematics at Yale University. However, his interest for mathematics was short-lived as he decided to join Harvard Law School where he pursued his postgraduate degree after which he got married to his girlfriend from college. Before joining Nabor Industries and becoming its Chief Executive Officer after almost 30 years of hard work, Tony Petrello engaged himself in several other jobs.

Nabors Industries limited was established as Anglo Energy limited in the year 1968. The company deals with natural, oil and geothermal drilling in the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and America. Among the products services provided by the Nabors Industries limited include software and equipment services, drilling technology and drilling and directional drilling service.

Having been brought up from a humble background, Anthony Petrello together with his wife participate in charities each year where they contribute millions of cash as a way of bringing back to community. What makes him different from the ordinary business leaders is him basing 80 percent of the income that he gets from the Nabor Industries Limited on the company revenue. His leadership has also resulted into the formation of many job opportunities in the oil rich regions of the United States to learn more about us: click here.

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