Intercepting Communications

Securus is a company that many prisons use so that inmates can make phone calls. The person who receives the phone call would need to set up an account with money added before calls are received. The company has been in business since 1986 with the main office in Texas. Securus has partnered with Harris Corporation in order to prevent cell phones from being used in prisons. The company wants to provide an outlet for inmates to be able to communicate with their family members in a legal and secure manner.


Customers who use Securus are grateful for the service that is offered. There have been numerous times when information retrieved from phone calls has led to an arrest of someone who has a warrant. All of the calls are monitored by the jail staff, which makes it easier to determine if there are possibilities of contraband being introduced into the facility in the future. Staff members are impressed with the technology that Securus offers.


The information that is received from calls has been used to investigate issues of harassment that are claimed by inmates and workers. There are calls that have been recorded with details about criminal cases that would otherwise go unnoticed if it weren’t for the technology that Securus offers. Overall, many customers believe that the company is one of the leading businesses in the prison industry.


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