Two Hotties Taking Over Hollywood


Christina Hendricks

Mad Men was one of the hottest shows of this decade and gave audiences a glimpse into office politics in the 60s. Jon Hamm may have taken the lead as smooth ad man Don Draper, but the sexy Christina Hendricks played a role nobody will forget soon. Hollywood isn’t known for its appreciation of curvy women, but Hendricks as managed to make herself an exception. She is so popular that British women have even started pursuing breast augmentation just to look like their favorite celebrity. Since the end of Mad Men the redhead has continued to turn heads and take over Hollywood. People like the direction she’s taken things and there’s no plan to stop the gravy train any time soon.



Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has made a career out of stunning us on TV and in the many movies she has done over the years. There are certainly those out there who would love to compete with Vergara, but the Colombian sensation has proven nobody else can compete. Most know her for her work on Modern Family as a housewife taking care of her own family. She has moved beyond this and proven she can do just about any genre. Always seen with a smile and a happy demeanor, any Sofia Vergara bikini shot is iconic and she won’t be forgotten anytime soon. We have plenty of actresses that have come and gone but she has made herself a household name. Here’s to more years of this hottie to come.

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