Work for Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning institution that is located in the South of England. The higher learning institute has very strong ties with the scientific community and is heavily involved with research and publishing on an International level. The institute attracts people in education and various industries. They converge at the institute to exchange knowledge on various subjects that are of substantial importance. Working for Wessex Institute of Technology is an ideal career for ambitious people that are dedicated to joining the scientific or educational community.


Careers At Wessex Institute of Technology

Careers at Wessex Institute of Technology are highly sought after by those in the educational field. The higher learning institute actively recruits new staff members throughout the year. Get started today by visiting their recruitment page and browsing through the current job openings. If you do not find jobs of interest to you, sign up for their email alerts for future openings at the institute.


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How EOS Became One of the Most Popular Brands

Seven years ago, the lip balm industry changed drastically with the growing popularity of the EOS lip balm products. The round and colorful design of the lip balm was a stark contrast to the traditional, more clinically designed lip care products of the past. As discussed in the article ‘The Untold Story of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick,‘ on the Fast Company website, the product line grew to be one of the top lip care products seemingly over night.

The reason for this sudden appearance of the product seems to be the companies lack of build up information. The small start up said that they wanted to focus on creating the product and getting as much out there as possible. Another strategy that went towards the popularity of the EOS lip balm is the fact that they don’t look the same as previous lip care products. The shape and general look of previous products have not changed all that much in the past years, and it shows when looking at the lip balm category. But the product brings a new look and color to the lip balm industry.

The small start up then had to find out a way to make this new design less of a fad, and more of something that would be able to stick around. They finally ended up deciding to make a product that would appeal to all five senses. Touch, smell, taste, color and sound were all thought of in designing the product. The creators landed their first sale with a female buyer at a Walgreens, and this lead to sales at other big name stores such as eBay and Ulta(


The Vitality of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that provides a high-end mode of communication services that connects inmates and family all across North America. Currently connecting over 3,400 institutions and over 1.2 million inmates, Securus offers the latest in voice and video communications capabilities.


Friends and families of inmates can feel secure that they can communicate with their loved ones who are incarcerated through the latest means of technology, including the use of Apple or Android smartphones, tablets or PCs.


One feature that families have found to be most convenient is jail voicemail. Not everyone’s schedule is conducive to the schedule of the inmates, so family members and friends can leave a voicemail for an incarcerated loved one to share important events and news. The inmate can then call back at their convenience.


Another great feature that is very popular is the Securus Video Visitation application which allows families and inmates to speak to one another over a video hookup. If it is inconvenient to schedule an in-person visit, you can pre-schedule an online visit by setting up a web camera with your PC, smartphone or tablet, and have a video conference with your loved one. It is like being there because video transmission is so much more personal than an audio phone call.


Securus is all about offering multiple platforms from which communications can go both ways, for inmates and their families. By supplying a secure and open email service, Securus puts inmates and families in control of their communication. An email can provide instant connections any time it is convenient and appropriate.


Securus make certain that the very best technological assets are in place so that first class communications can continue to prevail. Communications make a way for people to understand and keep relationships the way they always were. Good communications make good policy in any arena, and even more in a correction facility.

Things You May Have Never Known About These Celebrities


Things You May Have Never Known About Sofia Vergara


Famous model and actress Sofia Vergara at one point wanted to become a dentist and studied pre-dentistry at a university in Columbia. She was born and raised in Columbia to a mother who was a housewife and a father who raised cattle. Sofia Vergara has not had any plastic surgery done. Her beauty and body is 100% natural with no alterations. This is a fact that she is proud off. It may be hard to believe, but Sofia was actually teased for her looks as a young girl. Now few people compare to Sofia Vergara sexy appeal, and she is a world renowned model.


Interesting Things About Actress Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel began her TV career doing commercials. Her first advertisement role was for the Pringles brand of chips on TV. She was 11 years old during his first TV commercial. The day after Jessica Biel was born, her parents brought her along to a sled race where the temperature was almost -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about being exposed to the cold early on!  But with how Jessica Biel hot now, I don’t think it bothered her much.


What Is Jadakiss Known For?


Jadakiss is a rapper that is famous for his raspy voice and witty knockout punchlines in his songs. He is also famous for being one of the most popular and successful rappers from the city of Yonkers in the state of New York. Jadakiss is also known for creating the rap group, the Warlocks. Although these days he is as likely to end up on a list of broke rappers.


What Is The Rapper Eminem Known For?


Eminem is most famous for being the most successful white rapper and from making it on his own from his hometown of Detroit into international stardom. He is also known for his no holding back style of singing that gets to the heart of problems and thoughts.