The Story Behind Lime Crime

In 2008, Doe Deere opened an eBay account under the name Lime Crime and began selling colorful lipsticks to a small but loyal customer base. Deere’s desire was to create a lipstick line that featured unique and trendy shades that weren’t commonly found in retail stores. Moreover, she needed something that matched her homemade, color-popping outfits. Not long after developing her business, she realized she wasn’t alone.

Today, Lime Crime has over 2 million Instagram followers, while Deere has nearly 500,000 on her own. Her cosmetic enterprise has gone from a home based entrepreneurship to a Los Angeles-based internet cosmetic empire. Deere is seen as an innovative pioneer in the realm of makeup e-commerce, where she embraced a community of like-minded individuals. While it is not unheard of for companies to utilize social media to sell their product, Deere frequently speaks with followers and offers them a glimpse into her makeup and fashion choices.

Shortly before launching Lime Crime, Deere immigrated from Russia to New York. Originally, she set forth pursuing a career in music. Though she eventually took a different direction, she met her husband, who is now her business partner, during this time. As the company grew, it made the switch between the East and West coast, where it is now run out of a bustling office building in L.A.

Doe’s cosmetic line features a variety of lip and eye products, most popularly known for their vibrant colors or glittery shine. Deere says that she is always impressed to see what her fans, which she calls “Unicorns,” will do with the products. Unlike traditional makeup products, Lime Crime offers customers options that can be used to build a palette. Neon lipstick and vibrant foil eyeshadow are not just for covering up blemishes or accentuate your natural features. They are used by most as a vehicle for personal expression.

While Deere’s cosmetics are not for everyone, they are a refreshing choice for those seeking an exotic look or a mere pop of color. Lipsticks sell for about the same price as store-bought cosmetics of the same quality. More importantly, the products are guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan. For conscious customers looking for a convenient cosmetic shopping experience, Lime Crime is a no brainer. If you aren’t sure that you can pull off the looks, check out Doe Deere’s Instagram for inspiring, creator-tested looks. You will not be disappointed!