George Soros: The Investing Icon Has Returned

George Soros took some time off, but he is back and better than ever. When he decided to come back, it wasn’t done haphazardly or out of the blue. It was carefully planned and done with much thought. Again all, you don’t get to where he is by mistake. You get to where someone like he is by knowing when to get back in the game and when to sit out. It is like a great chess match. He knows the moves to make. He has the foresight and the knowledge to see troubling economic times ahead, so he wants to make sure he isn’t caught in those times. He wants to be ahead of the game as opposed to playing from behind. Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.

It is like basketball as well. When it is late in the fourth quarter, you want to be playing with the lead and finish the game off. You don’t want to be trailing and have to play catch up. George Soros, of course, is in charge of the Soros Fund Management, which handles over $30 billion dollars, which is not a number to sneeze at, that is for sure. The moves he is making are being described as ” big, bearish investments.” I tell you one thing, when I see George Soros making those kind of moves, I stand up and I pay attention. I wonder why he is doing them and I take notice of my own income if I’m involved in this type of investing and trading.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

They sold stocks and and bought gold and shares of gold miners. Gold, as we all know, can sometimes be a safety net when times are tough. I know whenever I go out and about, I see lots of places that are interested in buying and selling gold. It is the one thing that never goes out of style and is always profitable and in need. There can never be enough gold out there. George has never been afraid to make his voice heard when it is needed and that is why the Fund has been so successful.

With his experience, you get knowledge. With knowledge, you get power. George Soros is a powerful man and when he talks, people tend to stand up and listen to what he has to say and they don’t take it lightly. They take it incredibly seriously and to heart. Throughout his career, he has made few mistakes, if any. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because he knows how this game works.

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