Adam Milstein Knows All About Jewish History And Teaches Others About It

If history has taught us anything, it has taught us that great leaders have to face and overcome most challenges. When the turn of the century came around, Israel’s first prime minister, Mr. David Ben-Gurion met with the first female prime minister and Hadassah founder seen a growing antisemitism, had acted in order to lay down the foundation of a independent Jewish state.

It was during the World War II that Mordechai Anielewicz took to leading the Jews to fight the Nazi’s in the Warsaw Ghetto upbringing. During this same time, Peter Bergson went forward as the heroic campaign to raise a Jewish Army in order to fight for the allies and raise awareness for the destruction of the European Jewry.

It was a few years later when a tough Brooklyn street teen that created a strong reputation for being an American military leader during the WWII. He left the home he built in America in order to help to save Israel during 1948. He went forward to become the first modern general.

Someone who is familiar with Jewish history is Adam Milstein. He was born in Israel, Haifa and was the oldest of the children born to Eva, an homemaker as well as to Hillel Milstein who worked within the real estate developer. It was when his mother immigrated from Mexico to Israel that she met his father and then the pair mair married.

Adam Milstein took to the Israel Defense Forces. He operated under the mandatory service for which he served until he participated in the crossing for the Suez Canal and then finished and entered into school at the Technion, which is where he graduated earning his bachelor’s degree in economics and business. It was during this time period that Adam Milstein joined in business with his father which then expanded into real estate construction as well as in development business.

During the year 1974, Adam Milstein went on to marry Gila Elgrably and in 1981 moved to the United States in 1983. It was then that Adam Milstein earned his maters with a business administration degree. He graduated from the University of Southern California. It was after he graduated that he then ended up working in the commercial real estate where he worked as a sales agent.

Perry Mandera: Love You Can See

A lot of people declared to love people but don’t really have the resume to say so. People who love people are always doing things to help others. They don’t do it to receive any gain only because they feel it is important to them. When someone truly does have a love for people it is not hard to see, and it is hard to question it. One person who for sure loves people and shows it very often is the man known as Perry Mandera (Bloomberg).

Perry Mandera is a man that has dedicated his life to serving his community in many different ways. He owns a company, was in the military, and has been a public official. His life no matter what he does always has a phase or stage of him seeking to give back to the community. Perry Mandera while in the military served as what they call a motor pool driver. A person that has to transport people goods and other cargo to many different places. It isn’t the most glorious job, but it is necessary and very important. Perry Mandera was a marine and was very dedicated to his job and was actually a volunteer to the service. Some years Not to long after this he started his stage a public official. He ran to be a committeeman and was elected successfully and became a Republican ward committeeman. His term lasted for four years from 1984- 1988. During this time period he was the youngest person in Chicago to be elected to this position.

After starting his company custom companies in 1986 he really started giving back. The company is centered around providing travel and transportation to companies, groups, and individuals who need it. This was a dream of Mandera and Mandera alone and he is the CEO of the company. While working with this company he started a charity called Custom Cares charities. He gives charity in the forms of, finances, transportation, and material items through this group. Perry Mandera is obviously a helper of his local fellow man, but he ventured outside his territory to help people under distress from Hurricane Katrina. He loves to help the youth around the holidays as well. Perry Mandera is someone you don’t have to question if he loves people because his actions and resume of activities say it for him.


A Look At The Property Market Shaper Telereal Trillium and its CEO Graham Edwards

The inception of Telereal Trillium through its successful merger in 2009 under the leadership of Graham Edwards caused a major shift in the real estate market. This saw one of the greatest mergers and new property market shareholders in the UK. Under the tenure of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium has seen major development and growth both in market share and corporate culture and here are some of the major accomplishments of Graham.


British Telecomholdings Deal in 2001

Graham Edwards’s ability to see the significance of unseen value led to the deal with British Telecomholdings in 2001 where 6,700 real estate properties previously under BT were acquired which is equivalent to approximately 59.2 million square feet of floor space. This was a significant acquisition by Telereal and resulted into a greater footprint of the company in the real estate industry.

The deal that was brokered by Graham also saw to it that the vacation of the properties would be gradual and hence enabled smooth transition and calculated impact in its progress. The gradual vacation of the properties by British Telecomholdings also facilitated Telereal to increase value of the existing assets by remodeling the designs for some of them.


Merger between Telereal and Trillium

In 2009, the merger of Telereal and Trillium that resulted into the formation of the presently known Telereal Trillium was also a major accomplishment for Graham. Trillium which was formerly under Land Securities Group PLC was acquired and the resultant merger made Telereal a significant leader in property outsourcing. This also resulted in a boost of annual revenues greater than £1 billion, a significant accomplishment.


Awards to Telereal Trillium

Under the stewardship of Graham Edwards, Telereal has been able to scoop several awards such as the Investors in People award. These are a greater testimony of the leadership of Graham Edwards.


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The Many Advantages of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is one of the most important companies in the world. This foodservice-giant has its name stamped on the game and for good reasons. The company is being operated under phenomenal guidance, it has offices that are located in multiple countries, and it is very efficient in its day-to-day business affairs. CEO Sheldon Lavin has up to 40 years of experience in this business, and he has turned this onetime meat supplier into an international wholesaler of food products. Not only is he the chief executive officer of the company, he’s also the chairman. In addition to that, Sheldon Lavin serves Rush University Medical Center as a general trusty. His perseverance and persistence has even earned himself the prestigious Global-Visionary Award in 2016.

OSI Food Solutions also specializes in custom-food solutions. The company has some of the most gifted R&D specialists, which are trained in global-food cuisines. If a client can think-up a food product, these specialists have a higher than normal chance to manifest it. They’re able to take specific instructions straight from the clients themselves. Thanks to the company’s various locations, clients will receive their custom foods in a faster timeframe. What more could anyone ever ask? OSI has set the bar mighty high, and it certainly isn’t finished yet.

The Dutch food company, BAHO Food, was acquired by OSI Food Solutions a few years ago, and this acquisition has certainly opened new doors for business. This private-Dutch company specializes in the production of convenience foods as well as specialize in the production of deli meats. “Adding BAHO Food has given us a broader presence in Europe,” said David McDougal, president of OSI. McDougal also stated that “this merger will help the company cater more to the needs of its customers.”

OSI Food Solutions seem to be getting stronger by the day. Its network spans across countless boarders, including Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Austria, Ukraine and India. This place has a century’s worth of experience from working in the foodservice industry and hopefully it will be around for another 100 years.

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Businessman Glen Wakeman on the Power of Actionable Plans

Businessman Glen Wakeman became known for his co-founding the company LaunchPad Holdings LLC of which he has been the Chief Executive Officer. He achieved his degree from the University of Chicago.

During his career, Glen Wakeman has traveled extensively and lived in 6 countries and been employed at 32 over a period of 20 years while he was serving in the GE Capital. In his career, Mr. Glen Wakeman has achieved the growth and transformation of several businesses such as corporations with more than 17 000 employees and more than 15 billion dollars in assets. Mr. Glen Wakeman has grown startups, mergers, and acquisitions, divestitures, done downsizing and integration, as well as worked on exponential growth and new market entry.

Mr. Glen Wakeman took his career to the next level with the start of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC (Wikidata). It is a SAAS business and works with entrepreneurs in the early stages of business to inches their rates of success and productivity by providing them with a platform online for planning and creating actionable plans of action for the next weeks, months, and years. What the company provides aligns well with the beliefs that Mr. Glen Wakeman has about succeeding in business.

The ideation process is only a small start, according to Mr. Glen Wakeman. He believes that actionable plans with clearly set out steps to take in the near future are the way to go for entrepreneurs especially if they are in the early stages of their career. Over the course of his years in business, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been convinced time and again that winging it is not a good choice for most people and it is not a sustainable choice for business.

As someone who is passionate about planning, Mr. Glen Wakeman has a method of his own that he uses whenever he is working on something new and significant. He likes to visualize the end goal first and then back-track step by step to where he is at the time.

That does several things. It allows him to focus on the process and planning and it also helps him make better choices about his work.



The Innovative Susan McGalla Paving The Way For Women Today

The way things are revolutionizing today, new prespectives and point of views are showing up to the forefront, with people adjusting to a new way of thinking, and getting rid of the old judgments that we had instilled in our minds when it comes to how society views the leadership in women. A lot of businesses and organizations are reaching new heights, as a result of women paving the way.

When it comes to helping to lead the way for women to understand how capable, able, and worthy, they really are, there is a woman paving the way for women today, her name is Susan McGalla. Every since childhood, she had to put forth more effort than the average girl, to succeed with the brothers and a father who were naturally competitive. This has enabled her to hold prestigious roles during her career, adding to the much needed diversity, which makes it more likely for companies to perform at higher levels.

Susan McGalla, from the years of 1994 to 2009, she held a wide-range of positions with American Eagle Outfitters, and towards the end of working there, she became president of the company, shortly before then. Two years after leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla then went on to become the Chief Executive Officer of the well-known company, Wet Seal. In the competitive field of marketing, she has been able to find innovative ways to come out with successful marketing strategies, and take a corporation’s campaign to assist them in expanding even further.

Paving the Campaign Trail with NGP Van

You have decided to run for office but don’t know where to start, maybe you know where to start but want to make the most of the tools available to you. Your first step is to set up a game plan and sometimes that strategy includes who you would like on your team. NGP Van was created November 2010 and has since been used by Politicians such as Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hilary Clinton who decided that NGP Van was the perfect team member to make the most of their campaign. Founded by Mark Sullivan and Nathanial Pearlman, with Headquarters in Washington D.C. and Somerville, Massachusetts, NGP Van provides many services utilized by its political or social movement clients.


With products like miniVAN (an application to contact and collect data on potential voters) and VoteBuilder (a software system used to track interactions with potential supporters) NGP Van uses technology to engage with people and create a database in which to track your campaign efforts. So, you aren’t running for President but want to make the most of your journey, NGP Van works with campaigns at any level of government from start to finish. With many resources available to help you plan events, NGP Van can walk you through the process.

Creating a campaign rally requires an array of different things including but not limited to planning, advertising and setting up. NGP Van takes this one step further by explaining how location impacts attendance, word choice impacts engagement of supporters, and how to turn undecided voters into supporters then to volunteers. Little things like where you stand in relation to those who support you can make huge impacts on your campaign and NGP Van has the resources to guide you through. No matter where you are in your campaign NGP Van can help.

David Giertz Addresses the Importance of Social Security

David Giertz is a successful Financial Advisor and President of sales at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation located in Columbus, Ohio. He is also a broker registered with FINRA, also known as broker-dealer registered rep or RR. He has passed 4 Financial Advisor Certifications, including the Municipal Securities Principal, the Uniform Agent State Law Examination and more, making him a qualified Broker in 18 states with 32 years of experience. David mentions the dangers of not addressing the topic of social security, stating that most advisers overlook the benefits which increase the risk of losing clientele.

Maximizing social security has been an overlooked topic by financial advisers and clients due to its complexity and lack of understanding of rules within the social security handbook. He mentions significance of clearing up the misunderstanding of Social Security in retirement planning by gaining more confidence around the guidelines, and failure to rectify the matter will only impact earnings and increase taxes for newly retirees. The need for advisers to speak to clients about Social Security in their retirement planning process is necessary; failing to do so may possibly result in less income. David Giertz quotes “It’s more important to create a retirement income plan that includes Social Security Benefits”.

Since people are avoiding the topic of Social Security, he mentions what could happen if financial advisers begin informing their clients about Social Security for retirees, stating that they can earn up to 40% of their retirement plan. David Giertz also addresses the dangers of optimizing their Social Security too soon, stating that it can result in a $300,000 loss of income. While advisers fail to mention Social Security, clients will eventually move on. As a result, it is extremely important for clients to recognize the importance of Social Security in order to optimize their income.

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The Founders of Class Dojo is Enhancing its Services

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the founder of Class Dojo which is the number educational technology app on the market today. This application has been in use since 2011. The app caught on real fast with teachers and students liked it just as much. Thousands of teachers all over the country have taken to this app and they use it every day in their classroom.

Since its inception, Class Dojo has been making positive waves in the field of education. The app helps to improve the environment and it makes teachers jobs a lot easier. When parents sign up with the application they can instantly connect with teachers to figure out how their child’s day is going. A teacher can update them with a text, picture or photo.

Another great thing about Class Dojo is its ability to provide extra content to users. The founders of the app want to monetize their program, but they do not want to commercialize it. They do not want advertisements to ruin the app. The CEOs are now working with universities to create meaningful content that users will purchase.

Their paid services will be a benefit for users everywhere. The app can be used to provide special educational videos that can hep students to learn and to develop their skills in various disciplines. Content can also be special education that can help them to develop skills in various other areas of knowledge. Videos, books and informative papers are all mediums that can be used to educate students.

The CEOs want to take their time to develop the paid user content. This is important because they want to provide content to students that is meaningful and that their parents will find beneficial. Investors in Class Dojo do not mind the slow development with the monetization of the site. Class Dojo is steadily becoming a staple in the education field and it’s monetized services is helping to boost the value of the app.

Todd Lubar Builds Successful Businesses From Scratch

Todd Lubar is a well known businessman who has seen a lot of success in life. He has entered a wide range of businesses and has been involved in many business ventures, including scrap metal and construction. He has been involved in many industries.

Todd Lubar started TDL Global Ventures to help out other businesses. He has also been involved in real estate, where he helped many families have the opportunity to own the home that they had been dreaming of. In an interview, Todd Lubar sat down to discuss some of the secrets to his success. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Todd Lubar related that he had always been an entrepreneur and had always had the heart of an entrepreneur. This was true even when he was a kid. All of his friends used to go out to play sports and ball. However, Todd Lubar used to stand and sell lemonade or hot chocolate. In the winter, he used to venture out in the cold to make money by shoveling driveways. Todd added that this does not just apply to his professional life. In his personal life, he is also very goal oriented. He loves getting things done and helping people improve themselves and reach their goals. Todd Lubar has been involved in companies in all kinds of industries. Todd has helped them build themselves up to successful ventures from scratch. He has done this both by being actively involved in the growth of some of the companies and advising and offering consulting services to some of the others. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Todd Lubar said that from a young age, he always knew that the results you are going to get are going to be dependent on the amount of effort and time you put into something. He loves building things up from nothing and creating successful ventures where there was nothing before. He says that he is proud of what he does and that he loves providing services that are needed and making people happy. He goal in life is to help others and build things that are worthwhile and successful.

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