Madison Street Capital Awards for its Achievements

Madison Street Capital is a reputable investment banking company that is based in Chicago. The institution has always been committed to service, excellence, leadership and integrity when delivering its financial advisory services to enterprises that are publicly or privately held. The organization has won the hearts of numerous clients because of its high-quality services.

Unlike most of its competitors in the modern market, Madison Street Capital understands that the finance industry is very sensitive, and all the activities must be handled with a lot of care. This is why the company has been responding tenaciously to the great opportunities whenever they present themselves. The firm uses a unique approach when transacting with the clients, making sure that at the end of the day, all the stakeholders benefit mutually at The organization are equipped with experience and knowledge to match the needs of the sellers and buyers with the capitalization structures.

Since it was established several years ago on Chicago Tribune, Madison Street Capital uses a methodology that reflects the experience and expertise it has acquired over the years. Madison Street Capital is known for services such as market pricing, mergers and acquisitions, deal structuring, specialized financing, alternative exit strategies and implementation designs.

Just recently, Madison Street Capital was announced as one of the finalists in the M& A awards that were completed recently. The awards were introduced into the market in the year 1998, and since then, they have only been focusing on setting standards of excellence in the finance industry.

In 2016, the top management of the prestigious awards announced that Madison Street Capital had convinced the judges, acquiring the top positions in the awards on The company was nominated for two categories in the 2016 awards. These include the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year and the International and Industrial Deal of the year.

Madison Street Capital is extremely excited about the win, and its team of professionals has expressed their joy in several platforms. Charles Botchway, the president and chief executive officer of the organization, says that the company deserved the nomination, especially because of the role it played during the recent acquisition of Acuna and Associado. The agency was acquired by one of the longest serving clients of the company, known as Dowco.

According to Charles, the company professionals worked very hard for the transaction to become successful. The two companies are located in different nations, and this meant that the cross-border transaction was very complicated and difficult to handle. The team at the business worked day and night during the transaction, and at the end of the day, everything was successful. Both parties were satisfied at the end. The experienced professionals at the company have worked in the finance department for a long time, and they understand how these procedures should be handles.

Jason Hope Questions How Net Neutrality Will Now Affect Internet Of Things

IoT advocate, Jason Hope is a supporter of net neutrality, but how wonders how a regulated Internet will look under President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. “Everyone should have access to the internet, yet the landscape may change, especially for consumers with this new administration,” says Jason Hope.

The Internet Under Trump’s Administration

Net neutrality brought regulation to the internet, but according to Trump’s campaign plans, the FCC will have little to no jurisdiction. While the net neutrality rules are pretty popular right now, advocates like Jason Hope worry that this regulation stifles the creative process, not to mention funding to bolster infrastructure. A decade ago, net neutrality wasn’t a hot button topic, but bandwidth and data usage have become incendiary conversations. Add those topics to the popularity of IoT products, and a regulated internet is quickly scrutinized.

There are nearly 80 IoT or ‘Internet of Things’ items being connected in less that a minute, according to Cisco Systems, and they require a substantial amount of bandwidth. A deregulated internet would likely diminish the number of products consumers could properly connect. However, according to Jason Hope, ingenuity and creativity is stifled and when this occurs, opportunity and growth is affected.

Smart Home Products And Net Neutrality

There is no middle of the road right now. Both regulation and deregulation of the internet could spell trouble right now, unless all sides come together to work on what’s best for our future. Tech-savvy consumers are eyeing convenience and net neutrality could ultimately lead to digital confusion. “Consumers don’t want to worry about compatibility and data usage but the current net neutrality policies may lead to stressful protocols,” says Hope.

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Many consumers have taken the wait-and-see approach before heavily investing in the smart home market, but the hospitality sector is seeing popularity growing. The Hilton and DoubleTree Hotels use smart scales in their minibars to track usage, and smartphones can be used to personalize and stock those minibars with guests favorites. Hotel guests can also personalize heating and a/c room temperatures in many hotels. “Convenient, simple, yet personalized are the buzzwords that consumers connect with, and these smart products are gaining awareness,” says Hope.

Jason Hope, the Arizona-based futurist, inventor, entrepreneur has a passion for current and future IoT preferences. This passion translates into time, money and research in several disciplines, including scientific and medical research, biotechnology and a range of other causes. Not only does Hope donate his own money, but he helps line up funding that is highly effective. According to Hope, “Expanding interoperability will deliver a simplified experience for the consumer, and eventually the smart household will become a seamless routine.”

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National Awareness Is Made Concerning Video Chat Calls To Inmates And Their Loved Ones

Securus Technologies is on a national campaign to inform their customers of the savings associated with video visitation. They are proudly serving over 160,000+ customers with their video chat feature. Surprisingly, Securus has teamed up with video extraordinaire Vimeo to bring high definition video calling features available on your pc or smartphone. Now you can talk to your loves ones no matter where you are and share the outside with them from your phone or pc. For example, include your loved one in your Christmas party by having them video chat with you when the entire family is there.


PRN News was proud to announce the Securus Technologies campaigned designed at informing the people of the new advance internet methods of talking to their loved ones in a correctional facility. The traditional method of commuting to a inmate facility is a thing of the past. Securus provides justice technology solutions, investigations and monitoring, but they are committed to the public and always trying to find ways to save them money. On average, Securus features can save their customers 26% in their wallet and a considerable amount of time. You’re invited to become a Securus Technologies customer by visiting their secure website.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


Video chat visitation is available for inmates that have their loved ones name on their visiting list. You have complete control of the high definition picture by adjusting the volume and the sound with one click of a button.


Advanced Pay Options


Pay for your features in advanced from their website with a valid credit or debit card. You never have to leave home again trying to locate an authorized agent. Advance pay options are also available to the inmates from their commissary.


Join Securus Technologies today and talk more!


The IAP Worldwide’s Proficiency is Solving Logistics and Technical Situations

IAP Worldwide is a company that offers its services in various regions of the world. The primary services that it has been recognized for are global logistics, world class technology, and management of different assets. The products and services of the multinational corporation are dedicated to addressing unforeseen natural calamities such as flood and earthquakes. The clients that it serves are both in the private and public sector. IAP Worldwide Services has currently grown its services to 25 countries. It is devoted to ensuring that its clients are fully satisfied, and therefore, it has currently employed 2000 professionals who are based in branches across the world.

The staff of the firm is knowledgeable and experienced establishing, directing, and executing sophisticated logistical and practical operations to ensure a high quality of services. IAP Worldwide Services owns and is an administrator of various military schemes, research facilities that are mobile, and public amenities. Its clients believe in it as a competent and trustworthy provider of human resources, administration systems, and human resources.

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The goal of IAP Worldwide Services is to deliver quality products that can solve the clients ‘problems by using its ingenuity, exceptional skills, and top notch technology. It has been applying four core competencies in offering its services, and they are determination, agility, commitment, and capability. The enterprise also has values that manage its operations, and they include fast action to situations, integrity and humanity, providing encouraging advice, and creating useful affiliations that can ensure the growth of the company, clients, affiliates, and other stakeholders in the sector.

IAP Worldwide Services understands the benefits of forming partnerships, and it utilizes every opportunity that it gets to collaborate with organizations that are focused on to solving people’s problems. It also believes in the community as a top aspect that influences the growth of an enterprise. The company has a solid social responsibility program that is devoted to facilitating various community ventures.

The international organization employs professionals who have the skills that are needed in solving various difficulties that face the client. The members of its staff have created a robust workforce that has been built on their collective expertise, knowledge, and experience. Individuals who are skilled in logistics, accounting and operations, general management, and engineering can get internships and jobs at the multinational corporation.

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The Story Behind Lime Crime

In 2008, Doe Deere opened an eBay account under the name Lime Crime and began selling colorful lipsticks to a small but loyal customer base. Deere’s desire was to create a lipstick line that featured unique and trendy shades that weren’t commonly found in retail stores. Moreover, she needed something that matched her homemade, color-popping outfits. Not long after developing her business, she realized she wasn’t alone.

Today, Lime Crime has over 2 million Instagram followers, while Deere has nearly 500,000 on her own. Her cosmetic enterprise has gone from a home based entrepreneurship to a Los Angeles-based internet cosmetic empire. Deere is seen as an innovative pioneer in the realm of makeup e-commerce, where she embraced a community of like-minded individuals. While it is not unheard of for companies to utilize social media to sell their product, Deere frequently speaks with followers and offers them a glimpse into her makeup and fashion choices.

Shortly before launching Lime Crime, Deere immigrated from Russia to New York. Originally, she set forth pursuing a career in music. Though she eventually took a different direction, she met her husband, who is now her business partner, during this time. As the company grew, it made the switch between the East and West coast, where it is now run out of a bustling office building in L.A.

Doe’s cosmetic line features a variety of lip and eye products, most popularly known for their vibrant colors or glittery shine. Deere says that she is always impressed to see what her fans, which she calls “Unicorns,” will do with the products. Unlike traditional makeup products, Lime Crime offers customers options that can be used to build a palette. Neon lipstick and vibrant foil eyeshadow are not just for covering up blemishes or accentuate your natural features. They are used by most as a vehicle for personal expression.

While Deere’s cosmetics are not for everyone, they are a refreshing choice for those seeking an exotic look or a mere pop of color. Lipsticks sell for about the same price as store-bought cosmetics of the same quality. More importantly, the products are guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan. For conscious customers looking for a convenient cosmetic shopping experience, Lime Crime is a no brainer. If you aren’t sure that you can pull off the looks, check out Doe Deere’s Instagram for inspiring, creator-tested looks. You will not be disappointed!

Helane Morrison, The Iconic Lady Spinning The Revolution Wheel In The Corporate Industry.

One of the women whose names are famous in the corporate industry is Helane Morrison. She has become an icon in this industry, and she has managed to rise the ranks to serve in major executive positions in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. She currently serves as the Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is also the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of the same firm. More so she serves on the Executive Committee of the firm as a member.


Halane Morrison is known for her efforts to clean the corporate industry and remove the bad seed of corruption from it. From the start of her career as a journalist, she focused on exposing corrupt and underhand dealings in the corporate industry. In all the organizations she has worked in, she has tried to help the organization uphold ethical standards and eliminate corruption.


From the journalism, Helane Morrison moved to law practice. She joined a San Francisco law firm known as Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986 where she worked from 1996. In 1991, she was promoted to a partner. In the law field, she majored her practice in business litigation and legalities in private securities actions. She also handled securities exchange and related issues. She also spends some of her time conducting investigations on internal corporate affairs about corruption. She has taken initiatives to ensure that instances of corruption in the corporate world are minimal, and those that take part in this activities are apprehended. Her efforts to have borne a lot of fruits as she has managed to expose lots of bad practices in the corporate industry. She has managed to restore public and investor confidence in most areas of the corporate world that she has worked in.


Between 1999 and 2007 Helane Morrison worked as the head of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as SEC in San Francisco. Before this, she was the Regional Director and District Administrator for the same firm. In this, she was responsible for the area covering Northern California and five Northwest States. Her duties included taking care of issues that involved securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters. Helane Morrison has also served as board member for various organizations. She is currently a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is also an expert speaker on compliance and legal issues that are vital to investment advisers and private funds in general.

How Don Ressler became an Online Performance Advertising Guru

Don Ressler has proven to be a serial entrepreneur who is widely known for founding various successful startups such as Intermix Media recognized the potential of, which led to its acquisition in 2001. This marked the beginning of a life-changing partnership with Adam Goldenberg, who at the time was Intermix Media’s Chief Operating Officer at the age of 19 years. Subsequently, this led to the inception of Alena Media, a performance advertising and e-commerce division that became the only profit-generating center for Intermix Media.

News Corp’s acquisition of Intermix Media in 2005 marked the end of Ressler and Goldenberg’s association with Intermix Media. Both individuals were highly frustrated with how the media conglomerate, News Corp, had ignored the relevance of Alena Media. However, this did not water down their will and desire to succeed in the online performance advertising sector. They embarked on a mission to build a brand building business, which they could operate autonomously. Ressler and Goldenberg resulted into brainstorming sessions that led to the formation of Brand Ideas, which later changed to Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty

DERMSTONE, an online cosmetics and skincare store, was Intelligent Beauty’s first brand creation. Two years down the line, Ressler and Goldenberg created SENSA on Zimbio, a weight-loss system, which brought in former Intermix founder Brett Brewer as its Chief Executive Officer. In 2010, Intelligent Media launched its third creation, JustFab, which is a subscription online fashion retailer.

In 2011, Matrix Partners offered the brand a whopping $33 million in funding. On the same year, the company ushered in Kimora Lee Simmons to serve as JustFab’s President as well as Creative Director. After reaching the set six million member-subscription mark in 2002, Don Ressler and Goldenberg called for a second round of funding, which yielded to $76 million. Funding entities involved in the second round included Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners and Intelligent Beauty, JustFab’s parent company.

The Developments of JustFab

Propelled by the projected growth of the athletic apparel market by 2020, Don Ressler led JustFab into creating its activewear brand, Fabletics, in 2013. Ressler and his partner leveraged called upon the help of Kate Hudson due to her significant influence as a style icon and athlete.

Don Ressler steered JustFab into a partnership with People StyleWatch, a premier style brand targeting female millennials in 2015.The partnership led to the creation of People StyleWatch Exclusively for JustFab capsule collection. The collection featured seven handbag designs and 25 footwear styles.

Working with the Midas Legacy Professionals

Wealth management is a lot more important than you might think. If you have never participated in wealth management before from a superior company, you are doing yourself a disservice and this can totally handle the type of budget that you were able to afford. This is why it might be a good idea for you to begin working with a company like the Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy is one of the top wealth management firms in the country and has helped thousands of people better manage their money so that budgets are kept in place.

One of the main things that sets the Midas Legacy apart from so many other companies is that they have years and years of experience working with people of all types. Not only do they work with business owners and larger companies, they can also work on an individual level to help you budget and a more friendly manner. This is why so many people have been choosing to use the Midas Legacy for themselves and are thrilled with the type of work that can come as a result of this. Make sure to contact them if you are interested in using their services as well.

The Midas Legacy is also not expensive and can fit very easily into just about any budget you are able to afford. This means that you do not have to budget specifically for a wealth management company and this can save you lots of time and hassle in the long run. Make sure to contact the office to see if they will be able to take you on as a client as they have for so many other people in the past. Lots of people have had great success with the Midas Legacy and are finding it to be one of the top wealth management companies they have ever used in the past.

The Midas Legacy is a great company that you can work with and they can truly transform the way you see your finances in the long run. You do not have to worry about a budget or deal with anything else that might come as a result of poor financial decisions when working with a company like the Midas Legacy. This is why so many people are utilizing their services and are happy with the results they are able to get from it simply because this is a company that works well for you.

Geoffrey Cone An Attorney At Cone Marshall Offers Insight On New Zealand’s Foreign Trusts

Misleading media coverage about New Zealand’s trusts makes it seem as though New Zealand is a tax haven. Mr. Cone, an experienced corporate tax lawyer, responded to those misleading media reports. He described three characteristics of tax havens. They impose nil or nominal taxes; there is a lack of transparency and refusal to share financial information with other governments.

New Zealand does not meet any of those characteristics, therefore, is unlikely to feature as a tax haven anytime soon. In fact, New Zealand has demonstrated transparency in its handling of foreign trusts to help other governments who would be interested in that information. In 2006, new rules were put in place that requires trustees of foreign funds to provide relevant information about themselves as well as record every movement in the Fund’s account.

With 39 double tax agreements, New Zealand has minimum tax impediments in cross-border trade. These agreements also ensure minimum tax evasion in New Zealand. In addition to the double tax agreements, New Zealand has signed a multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters and partnered with over 20 countries to share tax information to curb tax evasion.

New Zealand has seen steady growth in the number of trusts being administered thanks to its positive global reputation as being a safe place to invest. Good governance, as well as high quality legal and professional infrastructure, have also contributed to the growth of foreign trusts. New Zealand’s service providers consist of qualified lawyers and financial advisors who operate foreign trusts on behalf of international clients. They are responsible for enhancing the country’s reputation among international taxation experts and in the OECD as well.

The rules and regulations imposed on New Zealand don’t allow competition with tax havens. When it comes to Foreign Trusts, New Zealand only competes with countries, which have similar transparent tax systems such as the UK, US, Singapore, etc.

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a registered law firm in New Zealand that deals with global families and their financial and legal advisors. Its managing partners Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are two experienced advocates with over ten years in the craft. Cone Marshall provides consultancy services on New Zealand’s tax and trusts laws.

Cone Marshall is the only law firm in the entire New Zealand region to specialize exclusively in tax planning and international trusts. It provides trust management, administrative and trustee services via its affiliated companies. It offers its consulting services to family advisors, banks and other institutions based outside New Zealand to help with planning.

Notable Contributions Of Seattle Genetics Under The Leadership Of Dr. Clay B. Siegall

Seattle Genetics is one of the leading biotechnology institutions that carry out cancer research. The Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Seattle Genetics , Clay B. Siegall, Ph. D, is a renowned scientist by training and he has played a great role in enhancing cancer therapies since inception. Due to expansive scientific knowledge, Dr. Siegall established Seattle Genetics on a firm foundation of scientific advancements, rigorous research, drug developments and his natural desire to impact positively on the lives of patients. He has led the institution to its present day status and he a key figure in the development of antibody-drug conjugates and attaining of FDA approval.

Through collaboration between Seattle Genetics and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the ADCETRIS is now a recognized global brand that is acceptable in more than sixty countries. Additionally, Seattle Genetics is also working on a various pipeline of proprietary ADCs for control and treatment of cancer. Under the leadership of Dr. Siegall, the company has attained multiple strategic permits for the advancement of the ADC technology, which include GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech, and AbbVie that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars to present. More than twenty ADCs are under clinical development utilizing the Seattle Genetics’ technology across internal and external collaborator initiatives. The company has realized more than $1.2 billion through capital-raising programs that seek private and public financing, including the initial public offering.

Before the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall was working with Bristol-Myers, a research institute from 1991 to 1997. He has also worked with the National Institute of Health in the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991. These institutions granted Dr. Siegall an opportunity to advance knowledge and experience that make him a resourceful person in his role as the president of Seattle Genetics.

Besides serving as the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is an active member of the Board governing Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals Washington Roundtable, and Mirna Therapeutics. Numerous achievements have made him a recipient of various awards from different institutions. He holds a B. Sc. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph. D in Genetics from George Washington University. Moreover, he holds more than fifteen patents and he has authored more than seventy publications.